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Vital Identity for All

By ReMix Eco

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ID Vitall the numerical assessment form

Automatically fill out your health information by directly scanning a QR code or your social security number. 


It doesn’t take more time for the medical workers, even if they fill out the form for the first time, it is already what they do everyday on paper.

The true  revolution happens during future intervention, where in on scan, they will have all the patient vitals informations.


The ID Vitall solution is based on the ID Eosy technology, a system of administrative document synthesis, automated and based on the blockchain with an Artificial Intelligence. 

This technology can be used on all kind of administrative field.

ER worker opinion

 » This solution can realy ease our life.

On one hand, it allows us to win alot of time to recognise a patient and have his medical history. 

But it mostly enable us to be more efficient and therefore save more lives.

ID Vitall is a reliable solution that matches our needs. « 

An inclusive solution for all !

1€ / years / patient

Accessible for all and by all (refugees, elderly, disabled,…)

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